Valentine’s Day at Benihana ♥

Benihana – the best choice of restaurant for Valentines Day. Benihana is the only teppanyaki restaurant in Warsaw, it’s famous for live cooking and fiery show.

Join us at the famed teppanyaki table, where you and your date will experience unique dinner with amazing surprises. You can enjoy theatrical tricks such as romantic rice heart, created by our chefs on teppanyaki table for your beloved person. Taste an amazing selection of Asian dishes and enjoy delicious pink champagne Mumm – perfect for Valentines’s celebration.

The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach and delicious cuisine is really important to make the night exquisite and memorable. If you would like to book theatrical show, you can choose from the teppanyaki section, or you can savour Asian flavours in Kitchen Of Asia space, another part of Benihana.

For Valentines date night our Head Chef recommends two Japanese Hibachi sets, which You can order in teppanyaki section.

First one – ROCKYS CHOICE – mix of aged sirloin steak and tender chicken breast.
Second one – OSAKA MIX SEAFOOD – mix of sea food: scallops, calamari, tiger prawns, tuna and salmon.

The teppanyaki meals are available all day and they include: Traditional Benihana onion soup or miso soup; Benihana salad with fresh ginger dressing, Hibachi prawns, vegetables and steamed rice and Japanese green tea (upon request).

If you choose Kitchen of Asia section, with its more traditional restaurant seating arrangement and elegant décor, here are some great recommendations to share

Delicious sushi selection sushi – SAKURA SUSHI SET (includes: STARTERS:Miso soup 2 pcs, Traditional Benihana salad with ginger dressing 2 pcs, NIGIRI 4 PCS Salmon, sea bass. HOSOMAKI 6 PCS Cucumber, GUNKAN 2 PCS Tuna tartare, MANGO WHITE ROLL 8 PCS Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and mango in rice paper with spicy mayo and shichimi, BENIHANA WARSAW ROLL 8 PCS Deep fried roll in tempura batter with salmon, Philadelphia cheese, kanpyo and cucumber)

Perfect option for a couple or Hibachi bentobox’s sets, two bestsellers picked by our Head Chef:
KEY WEST PRAWNS – bentobox set with grilled prawns and
NEW YORK SIRLOIN STEAK – bentobox set with aged sirloin steak with teriyaki sauce.
Our Hibachi bentobox sets include Traditional Benihana onion soup or miso soup, Benihana salad with fresh ginger dressing, steamed rice and gyoza starter.

Impress your beloved person and invite her/him for a romantic dinner with a spectacular culinary show and try great selection of Japanese meals.

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03 February 2019