Shared tables prove to be trendy

Communal dining – it’s a term describing the phenomenon of having meals while sharing one table in a restaurant. It is a winning, strong international trend in gastronomy. First communal table was installed in a European cafe Le Pain Quotidien. Then, they came the USA, and restaurants in America have decided to set long tables in their premises, shared by up to 30 people. The idea of communal dining – i.e. enjoying your meal at the same while sharing table with strangers, became very popular in the whole world, Poland included.


Sharing a table with totally strange, unknown people forms a new experience, becomes something exciting – thanks to communal dining, not only you are invited to the world of cuisine, testing new flavours but also you meet new, often interesting people with whom we spend entire evening, talking, joking or exchanging our opinions and experiences regarding the food we eat.Dining together at the teppanyaki tables acts like ice-breaking activity, allowing unforced conversations. Additionally, the chef is entertaining people congregated at the table, makes contact with them, at the same time showing tricks so much liked by the guests.
Communal dining is a tradition celebrated for millennia in Jewish culture. Communal dining at one big table has been always a time for making contacts or making “geshefts”, i.e. business. Until present days, in Tel Aviv you will come by many restaurants equipped with long, shared tables. If you are interested and would like to learn even more about Jewish culture, it is worth to take part in extraordinary Singer’s Festival which takes place between July and AUGUST (28TH July – 2nd August) in the vicinity of Benihana – at Plac Grzybowski and the localisation of old Jewish Theatre. It is an amazing cultural event with concerts and spectacles performed by Jewish artists from Israel and other parts of the world. You can watch really amazing artists as Theo Jörgensmann, Dominique Pifarély and Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki. This edition of the festival is unique, celebrating 15 anniversary.
06 August 2018