Origami – Christmas decoration DIY

From the first day of December we feel the magic of Christmas, those warm, joyful, spent with our loved ones. A wonderful Christmas is an exceptional time during which we want to give some joy to others. In this fast-paced world, a perfect gift for our loved ones is spending time together. That time will undoubtedly please our relatives more than just another gift.

A great idea for spending some pre-Christmas moments together is to make decorations for the Christmas tree. These handmade ones give us some great satisfaction, relax and later remind us of this lovely time. One of the most interesting methods of making Christmas decorations is Japanese origami. Today in our blog we will tell you how to make such decorations for your Christmas trees.
Look how you can make a christmas bauble using the multi-century origami method. Firstly, prepare some wrapping paper with your favourite print and in your favourite colour. You can also choose one in colors which will match your other christmas baubles. At the beginning, draw your chosen pattern on white piece of paper, preferably cardboard, then use a glass or a compass to draw a circle and cut it out.
Next, draw an equilateral triangle in this circle with a ruler. You should end up with three points in the same distance from each other. The next step is to fold the paper along the dotted line. After that, you have to make 20 identical circles – the pattern made on the cardboard will be very useful. Place the cardboard circle on a paper, redraw it, then fold the sides and redraw it again. Then you can start gluing these marked elements. Remember, however, that before you glue the last part, you have to attach to the paper bauble a paper clip (which you have to straighten first). Paper clips are great for making any hooks for Christmas decorations. To ornament the paper bauble pretty nicely, you can string some colourful beads on a paperclip. Have fun and have a wonderful Christmas time!
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09 December 2018