New Year’s Eve Dinner – teppanyaki style


New Year’s Eve at Benihana is a unique dinner, positive emotions and the only teppanyaki show in Warsaw. Let’s feel good energy this last evening of the year. Let’s talk, let’s laugh, let’s wish each other and taste the specialties of Japanese cuisine. Let’s watch a wonderful culinary spectacle – teppanyaki show. It will be an unforgettable experience! Let’s drink champagne and toast to positive New Year!

Benihana’s Head Chef recommends an excellent teppanyaki sets Osaka Mixed Seafood combination of scallops, calamari, tiger prawns, tuna and salmon and Warsaw Deluxe delicious meal with aged sirloin steak and tiger prawns. Boths sets include soup, Benihana salad with fresh ginger dressing, Hibachi prawns, vegetables and steamed rice.

It will be beautiful, full of good energy, evening and year. We encourage you to make a reservation in advance.

Restaurant will be open till 9 PM. We prepare special offer of Mumm champagne for this special evening.

Reservations: 22 370 26 20,
18 December 2018