Japanese Valentine’s Day

International Valentine’s Day is a very important date in the calendar in a lot of countries. In the US, where this holiday comes from, Valentine’s Day has become a symbol of consumerism, from January we can find red decorations and gifts for people in love. During this day bouquet of roses, gifts for a loved one and dinner at a fashionable restaurant are obligatory.
How Japanese spend Valentine’s Day? The Japanese have taken a commercial approach to this holiday from the Americans. Since the beginning of the year, great preparations have started on the streets of Japanese cities and towns – hanging decorations, referring to the colors and symbols associated with love. Already at the end of January here are stalls and chocolate stands, very common for this holiday.
The most popular Valentine’s gift is chocolate. It is bought by women for their beloved ones and for colleagues from work. Giri-choko is the so-called casual chocolate, which the Japanese give to their friends, neighbors or colleagues. Chocolate for your beloved is honmei-choko or tezukuri-choko, or famous, handmade chocolate by Japanese women for their beloved ones. This motif is known from manga, Japanese stories in which women used to prepare chocolate all night on the 13th of February, then they packed it beautifully, then in Valentine’s Day they did not give it to their beloved, because they lacked the courage to confess love in such a direct way.
In Valentine’s Day, the Japanese do not give any gifts to their women, only a month later was appointed White Day, March 14 in which they give their women valentine presents.
03 February 2019