Holiday in Japan?

Top 10 places to see!

Holidays are getting closer. If you are planning a trip to Japan, we have prepared a special guide for you about this full of surprises country. Enjoy a short journey through the unique and mysterious Land of the Rising Sun.

1. TOKYO – the capital of Japan which cannot be missed during your journey. Certainly it should be the first place to visit, it is a city full of contrasts, so it is worth spending there more time in. Mandatory is to visit the Imperial Palace, Sensoji, Sky Tree Tokyo or the Tokyo Tower which is based on the one from Paris;)

2. KIOTO – after Tokyo, it is the most famous place in Japan. 17 monuments of this city have been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can also visit Zen temples or a geisha district.

3. HIMEJI – you will see here one of the most fabulous views in Japan. The castle known as the White Heron Castle or White Egret Castle is a building that must be visited. Best time to see the castle is during hanami, or the Cherry Blossom Festival.

4. HIROSHIMA – if you are interested in history, you must not miss this place. It was here, on August 6, 1945, that there was a big explosion after dropping the atomic bomb. Currently, in many places you can see the remains of those events.

5. MATSUMOTO – obligatory to visit, because you will find here Crow Castle, which is considered the most beautiful in Japan. It is said to be one of the oldest and best preserved castles. There is a beautiful red bridge which leads to it, great place to take pictures.

6. NIKKO – Set out to the charming mountain town of Nikko and discover some of its most amazing sites, like the historic Toshogu Shrine and beautiful Kegon Falls. The city is located in one of the most beautiful parks in Japan.

7. NARA – it used to be named Heijokyo and was the first capital of Japan. You can find the Big Buddha Monument and 8 monuments there, which are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. An interesting fact is that roe deer and deer are wandering around the town.

8. OSAKA – it is said to be the culinary capital of Japan and for that reason it is worth going there for a while. The biggest attraction of this place is Osaka-jo Castle. There are 600 cherry trees in the garden, once they bloom, the view is amazing!

9. HAKONE – from here you can admire a very important place in Japan, the Mount Fuji. If you are visiting Hakone you cannot miss the valley – Owakudani. Here you can taste black eggs which are boiled in hot springs – it is suppose to prolong your life by 7 Years 😉

10. MIYAJIMA – this means the island of temples. It’s an amazing place. There is a red torii gate that is submerged in the water during high tides. This is one of the most beautiful views, really worth seeing.

21 June 2019