In the 1960s, the Japanese wrestler and bassist Rowdy Sounds Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki left Tokyo and got back to the United States to create BENIHANA, the first teppanyaki restaurant. He opened it with $ 10,000 which he had saved and borrowed. Rocky’s father, just after the Second World War, found a small red flower, which grew in ashes, on the ruins of Tokyo that was destroyed after the war. He thought that the flower was very strong because it had survived the war. While building his first restaurant in Tokyo, he decided to name it in honor of this unique plant – Benihana.

In 1964, Rocky created his pioneer restaurant in New York and also used the same name. The first Benihana was located on 56th street in Manhattan. Less than two years later, the second Rocky restaurant was established in the same town. The unique concept of live cooking and culinary shows has been loved by millions.

Currently, Benihana has more than 140 locations around the world. New York, Dubai, London, Shanghai and São Paulo are just some of the locations of this legendary chain of Japanese restaurants.

In 2015, the first Benihana in Poland was established, being the only teppanyaki restaurant in Warsaw. It is located in the Cosmopolitan apartment building, in the heart of the capital.

First Benihana in New York