Perfect ideas for hen party

Would you agree that hen party is one of the most important occasions in the life of the future bride? An evening or a day when every woman should go wild and remember it as the best party of her life. However, not all of us can easily think of an idea where to organize such an activity for ‘The last night of freedom’. We have prepared a few proposals for you, to help you organize a unique hen party.
For women who prefer to spend their hen party in a larger group, we suggest going to the music club. Good music, dance and delicious cocktails in good company is sometimes all it takes.
Among women who like to have fun, there are also those who prefer to spend a hen party on their own terms. A frequent place for this type of events is renting an apartment or a house, for example, near the lake. It is a great idea for people, who would like to organize an evening with their ideas of games and activities. The argument behind this place is also that you can organize many outdoor games, and most importantly, you are not limited by time when it comes to the end time of the event.

If you dream of a special hen night, dinner with your friends in a unique style, you must visit Benihana restaurant. This is the only teppanyaki restaurant in Warsaw. What does it mean? Live cooking, fire, theatrical show, delicious Japanese cuisine and great cocktails are a great idea for spending a hen party, plus funny chefs, who will make everyone laugh. A visit to the restaurant may be „before the party” in the club. The Benihana restaurant also has closed VIP Room, for those who appreciate an intimate atmosphere.

An equally interesting idea for spending a hen night is visit in the spa. At this point, every woman will be able to relax and at least for a moment forget about the whole madness of wedding preparations. As you can guess, it’s great to organize your wedding, but it can be very tiring. Therefore, it is worth going to a spa where each of you will be able to detach yourself from reality for a moment, and at the same time take advantage of beauty treatments before this special day. Pleasant and useful ☺ Maybe it will not be a crazy party, but it will be a relaxing evening especially for women who appreciate pampering and chill out..

Another idea is intended mainly for women who want to make a present for bride. Joint photo shooting can be a perfect gift. If you organize your friend’s hen party, remember that in addition to memories, it is worth to capture the most important moments of the day. Photo shooting will be an ideal gift, because you do not have to worry about who will take care of it and what time will be suitable for taking these photos. All this will be done by a professional photographer, and you will be able to have a great time. And then you will have a great souvenir!

Some of the brides prefer the traditional party, and they would like to organize a hen party at their home. This solution is for women who are attached to their flat/house and they are not party enthusiasts. You can order a great sushi set from Benihana and forget about the hardships of hen party’s preparation.

Remember that on this special day, not only where you celebrate, but an atmosphere and company is key factor above all. It will be a wonderful evening, enjoy it as best as you can!

14 May 2019