Christmas meetings in oriental style

Christmas parties can be hard task to organize as they are often highlight of your company’s Year, so below are some points to think about when taking on the task. At the beginning, we must take a lot of time to answer important questions related to the size of the party and space necessary to cater all, pick a date and time and be creative to fulfill expectations of our employees or colleagues. Starting soon enough will guarantee booking the popular and fun places, it us gives time to get familiar with menu options to fit the set budget.
Christmas Party

Beetroot soup, carp or maybe a herring? Some of these will undoubtedly appear on the Christmas Eve table, December 24th, at homes of most of our employees. Remember that a company Christmas party does not always have to look in the exact same conventional way! In fact, it should be different! We do not have to replicate the yearly, traditional, Christmas menu served year after year during a family dinner. We can always surprise our colleagues and organize a meeting in an oriental style! The interesting thing is, in Japan, most of the business meetings take place outside the office. The „Christmas party” is usually organized in a restaurant. This is the time when Japanese prefer American cuisine instead of their own.
It is a great idea to spend time together in a unique place, show a different perspective on the idea of a company meeting and give the opportunity to try some unknown dishes. Benihana, located in Cosmopolitan, at Plac Grzybowski, is the only Teppanyaki restaurant in Warsaw. What does it mean? During dinner at the Japanese Teppan tables, the chefs prepare tasty Japanese dishes while chefs entertain you with unique show. Their fun tricks will impress everyone. Moreover, Benihana offers delicious cuisine – you can choose from fish, seafood, meat, as well as vegetarian options – all prepared on Teppan grill. There is also the KOA zone where you can try Asian specialties and sushi selection. What is more, the restaurant has an extensive tasting menu, which certainly will be approved by even the most demanding guests. The selection of worldwide and also Japanese liquors (including the world’s best whiskey or iconic ‘sake’) is another advantage of the restaurant which can make the Christmas event even more attractive. Whiskey and Japanese spirit tasting is extra option that can be organized by our trained team. Furthermore, Benihana offers a 12-person VIP Room, which works very well for private events in a small group. Looking to reward your star employees or simply say thank you to your business partners? Benihana offers special gift vouchers for dinner at Benihana, carefully selected options by our Headchef for this special occasion. Enquire your booking or purchase of vouchers by contacting: Benihana,, 22 370 26 20, Katarzyna Wisniewska,, +48 734 138 822
More details You can find on official website or on Your social media profiles: Facebook Benihany
14 November 2018