Buddha Bowls – the most fabulous dish of this summer!

They are totally cool & trendy. They are winning the internet as well as are being introduced to the menus of the top restaurants all over the world. Called the bowls of colours or bowls of diversity, they are becoming the trendiest dishes of Asia, loved by millions, being at the same time a vitamin bomb. Those who crave for low-calories food will be ecstatic. On the top of that, this dish is really easy to create – and we know it for certain as we have tried! And those of you who enjoy taking pictures, will also fall in love with Buddha Bowls, as they are totally instaFriendly.

How to prepare this hit of Instagram at home?

It is easy to prepare a Buddha Bowl on your own! Not only easy to make but also allow you for creating it in you own way, by your own preferences. There is only one rule – it need to be healthy, full of colours and must be yummy!

There are two principles to go by when preparing Buddha Bowls – carbs, such as rice, quinoa or sweet potatoes are one. The other one are a mix of healthy veggies and some proteins such as fish or meats (chicken or pulled beef), or – for vegetarians – falafel, feta cheese, mozzarella or haloumi cheese. The set of vegetables that you are goning to use can be at random, matching the tastes you like. We can suggest superfoods like avocado, different sprouts or cooked beetroot, cherry tomatoes or refreshing cucumber. You can also add pepper corns, eggplant, cauliflower or broccoli.

All ingredients needs to be set on the bedding of groats or rice.

In order to highlight the taste of veggies or the bedding, we can top up our composition with Tahini sauce or garlic sauce and olive-oil.

You shouldn’t get scared with the number of actions – it is indeed simple and gorgeous dish – and on the top of that, looking really marvellous!

Enjoy these goodies!

10 July 2018