How can you make the celebration of birthday, anniversaries, milestones in live such as finishing your studies or getting the perfect first job special? If you are looking to combine experience with a good food, and step outside of the traditional ways of eating at typical polish restaurant, we can offer a solution for you.
From small intimate dinner to big party, we can help you to organize your dinner in Hibachi/ Teppanyaki style typical for Benihana around the world.

What is teppanyaki?

This is the only live cooking combined with a fun culinary show in Warsaw. The cult Japanese Hibachi meal is prepared in front of guests, on Japanese grill teppanyaki.

What dishes are served on Teppanyaki tables?

Seafood, meat dishes such as beef steak, lamb steak or chicken, vegetarian dishes and delicious fish. For full menu visit menu section

What does your dinner look like at the Teppanyaki table?

Each table has its own teppanyaki chef, who cooks in front of guests. The appetizer is served at the beginning, and then the chef starts the main part – live cooking with show. The whole dinner takes between 45 minutes till 2 hours. We will make sure you will leave full and satisfied!

Is the teppanyaki show additionally payable?

There is no extra charge for the Teppanyaki show; the only condition is that you have fun and enjoy☺

How many people can sit at one table comfortably?

8-10 people can sit at one table comfortably; in our VIP ROOM even 12.

What language does the teppanyaki chefs speaks?

Cooks speak several ages, some also in Polish, but above all it is English and their native languages: Thai, Nepali, and Vietnamese. The service speaks Polish and English.

What are the countries of origin of Benihana chefs?

Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal.

Can I choose which chef will cook for me?

Of course, you can send request about the possibility of booking a Teppanyaki table with an indication of the chef, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do You have a dessert menu and it is possible to order birthday cake?

Yes we have dessert menu. Guests can also bring their own cake, but then we charge a small “cake” fee of PLN 10 per person, we also require confirmation of the purchase of the cake from the shop because of food safety regulations.

Reservations:, +48 22 370 26 20
24 February 2019