Sushi is delicate, surprising and extremely appetizing. But how to make its taste even better? What exactly the wasabi and teriyaki sauce is and how to use ginger? We help you! We care about your tasting experience, savoring this Japanese dish. Below we are presenting most often asked questions by our guests which will lead you into sushi’s world.

1. What is the difference between sushi and sashimi?

Sushi is a slice of raw fish mixed or cooked, arranged in a layer or surrounded by a layer of rice for sushi. However, sashimi is simply a raw fish, often cut into very thin slices. And here is the surprise! From a Japanese point of view, sashimi is not a sushi, because the sushi must have rice. And although its presentation should be very simple, it is prepared with the utmost care.

2. Could you tell me about futomaki, hosokami, nigiri, gunkan?

Futomaki and hosomaki are combined layers of vegetables, fish, rice rolled into a roll and surrounded by seaweed. And here is the difference, futomaki are thick rolls with a minimum of four ingredients, while hosomaki are thin rolls with a small amount of rice and the addition of only one ingredient. In turn, the nigiri is not rolled into a roll, but thin slice of raw or boiled fish is placed on rice soaked with a little wasabi. Gunkan – is a variation of nigiri, it is a kind of “rice boat” filled with a variety of stuffing.

3.What is teriyaki sauce and can I add it to sushi?

Absolutely! It has a very original flavor of combining honey and ginger based on soy sauce.

4. What is the right way to add soy sauce to sushi?

Classic sushi is best eaten in 2 steps:

Don’t let the rice to touch the sauce.

Also use minimum amount of the sauce

5. What is the purpose of marinated ginger served with sushi?

It is an addition, traditionally served as palate cleanser of the taste buds between several courses of sushi. But it is not everything.It also has health benefits. Ginger additionally has a warming effect, improves blood circulation. It soothes the symptoms of flu and colds. So do not give up eating sushi with this nutritional ingredient.

6. Can I eat sushi with hands?

Sushi is best to eat with chopsticks, but it is also acceptable to eat with your fingers, because the Japanese etiquette allows it. The most important thing is to eat them at once, without cutting and separating the ingredients.

7. What is sushi in tempura?

This is a special way to prepare food. Entire sushi is coated and fried (about 4-5 minutes) in deep oil. The secret of tempura is the crispy and light dough, which fits almost any dish.

8. What drink / alcohol should I order for sushi?

It all depends on your preferences. However, if we could recommend something that will perfectly match this dish and complete the taste and climate of Japan – it is sake. It is worth to mention about green tea with a delicate, slightly earthy aftertaste. It is the perfect sushi drink. In recent years, beer is also often preferred in Japan. Unusual combination of the bitter aftertaste of our beer with the sharpness of wasabi is the top taste! Our waiters will always help you choose the perfect drink for the dish, so if in doubt, ask and we will help!

08 April 2019