Alcohol in Japan

Alcohol in Japan? Yes, its role is very important. This applies to business, social and even religious life. It is impossible to hide that it tastes best in company. In Japanese culture, you never pour alcohol into your glass, your companion do it. In the business world, drinking alcohol has a big role, because its refusal may even result in career termination. For Japanese, drinking in business is breaking social barriers.

The most popular alcoholic drinks in Japan include:

Sake – is a sweet alcoholic rice flavour drink, also called rice wine. In its composition it has about 17 percent of alcohol. The rice added to the sake in production is fermented. In addition, yeast is added to it, making the sake making process similar to brewing beer. This common drink of the Japanese contains a lot of amino acids and peptides.

Shochu – it is also a golden drink of Japan, which is made of sweet potatoes, rice, barley, potatoes, buckwheat, millet or maize. Its administration is unusual, because alcohol is drunk with hot water or in the form of a cocktail. Chuhai – is a combination of distilled alcohol and carbonated water. Its content is sold in cans. Due to its variety of flavours, it is often confused with ordinary beverages. The alcohol content is low, only up to eight percent. In restaurants it is often served with greasy dishes.

Umeshu – this alcohol is not as popular as sake. It resembles a fruit tincture because it is made of Japanese apricots, plums and sugar. Its intense taste means that the drink has a juicy flavour with a strong aroma.

Whiskey – alcoholic drink created from cereal distillation, the main component of which is maize. Made in Japan since 1924, the most popular brands include Nikka and Yamazaki. It is often served with the addition of water and ice. Japanese whiskey is considered by critics to be the best in the world.

Beer – the most popular beers in Japan are Asahi, Suntory, Sapporo and Kirin. Beer in Japan began to spread only after the development of external influences, that is, during the beginning of the Mejian era. It is now a popular, light drink, perfect for meeting friends.

Highball – this is a Scottish whiskey combined with sparkling water. The most popular highballs are Seven and Seven, Scoth and Soda and Cube Libre. Alcohol became popular in the 1950s.

Wine – usually found in Yamanashi and on the island of Hokkaido. The development of Japanese viticulture appeared in the 1970s and 1980s. For a long time the Japanese could not get used to the taste of dry wine, therefore sugar or honey was added to the wines. The most popular wines from Hokkaido include Tokachi, Ikeda Furano and Furano. Yamanashi, on the other hand, is famous for Katsunama wine and Koshu Rubauyat.

By visiting this unique country, you will already know which drinks you should try. Remember to make a toast. In Japan, “Kanpai” is a toast.

11 April 2019